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DNC scrub your call lists instantly!

Instant DNC list scrubbing against the Federal DNC Registry. is a project by telemarketers for telemarketers. Instantly scrub your .csv files against the latest version of the Federal Do-Not-Call registry updated on 12/02/2021. Our goal is to help telemarketers remain compliant for the good of the industry. Our prices are set by the cost of keeping running.

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Don’t get sued! We keep your scrubbing records for verification

If you ever need it, we keep a record of what you scrub and provide 3rd party verificaiton if it’s ever needed. Don’t worry, the files are protected and encrypted and only you can access them.

DNC scrubbing is 100% accurate.

Our DNC records are updated every single day right from the FTC. We guarantee our DNC accuracy to be 100%. We’ll return you file to you with added attributes that tells you which number is on the DNC.

Our DNC scrubber is current as of 8:00am EST 12/02/2021.

Scrub against the most current version of the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry

We update the every weekday morning using the latest issue of the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry. The database is current as of the date and time above and guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

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